About Us.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Established in 2016, founder Meg Sandercock, wanted to provide exceptional support and activities for seniors and people with a disability. 

Experience and training in mental health sector, our focus has  centred on people with psycho-social disabilities, offering a different perspective to the way support is provided, enabling  individuals to live empowered and joyful lives.

The team at Sanden Care Options support clients directly, at home on a day to day basis, with everything they want to achieve in their daily life. Our support staff are experienced in planning and providing supports, implementing programs, liaising with external providers and families. 

We are on a journey together to provide freedom of choice, appropriate and professional support, advice and information to make personal circumstances easier.

Our work can also focus on advocating for change to policies and practices that discriminate against people with disability and seniors in the community, as well as working towards reducing stigma, social isolation and lack of meaningful activities and employment.


Peer Support Workers

At Sanden Care Options we employ people who are trained extensively in disability support and who also may have lived experience with disability themselves.

Staff understand on a personal level what living with disability is like on a daily basis and the importance of enabling self determination.

We empower our clients by developing, planning, and implementing person centred, affordable, and disability focussed services with our clients every step of the way.

Our clients have access to our trained staff who are employees of the business, whom all access training and development, mentor support so they have the tools they need to provide supported decision making with individuals , using a strengths based practice to strive to decrease personal and social isolation, connecting individuals back to their community, culture and local supports, whilst providing, high quality, home care services. 

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